Oct 23, 2012

My Entry: Howards Storage World Shopping Spree Contest

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I just emailed Patty Laurel for my entry to the Howards Storage World 15K Shopping Spree Contest found in her blog. Sakto naman na may previous blog post is in line with it so words in italics are excerpt from it.

Hello Patty,

A couple of years ago, 6 months to being married hubby and I decided to try renting here in Makati City for me to be closer to work. We are blessed enough to get a 25-sqm studio type apartment building owned by a Christian family adjacent to Fort BGC Taguig vicinity. So from Cavite we only brought the big items we couldn't live without -- bed, cabinets, a fan and desktop PC. Those two years passed so quickly and the Lord has continued to blessed us with provisions that allowed us to bring in more knick knacks in our home but, now that I notice it, clutter seems to start building up.

Also, as a couple we like opening up our home to friends especially being part of a Christian Church where smallgroup is encouraged. But as much as we want to invite people in our humble abode we couldn't do so because we don't have a place to have them seat down apart from two monobloc chairs/big bean floor pillows and THE FLOOR. So we recently bought this compact brown mini sofa from a Pinoy furniture brand HOFA to finally create a space as our living area in the apartment.

So in lieu of our 3rd Wedding Anniversary this December (it actually marks our 15th Anniversary since we were boy/girlfriends for a dozen of years before getting married -- highschool sweethearts, first and last lang naman ang peg namin ), would you give Jase and I the honor to shop with you and Patrick at Howards Storage World. I'm already imagining it to be like Japan Home Center only classier! This would help me to finish with my vision in making our home as comfortable, clean and cozy as possible to those who will visit us when we officially open up our home. Punta kayo ni Patrick after ng honeymoon nyo ha, hihihi.

Here is our telenovela Shot in Batangas
This is us when we moved in
Lastly, taken just today with me sitting on the mini sofa

Thank you very much and have a blessed marriage.

All the best,
Jason and Sasa Yap

PS: I wonder how long it would take you in getting used to being called to as 'Patty Filart'? It was only this year that I started to respond and acknowledge na ako pala yun when I am called 'Marissa Yap' or 'Sasa Yap'. Eh imagine 12 years ako nakapagpractice magdoodle in my notebooks nun para masanay, pero it was really different when it actually became a reality.

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