Oct 31, 2012

Battle of the Coconut: Coco Fresco at Market Market BGC

As promised yesterday, I am trying out the Coco Fresco found at the 2nd floor of Market Market adjacent to the Bingo area in front of Metro Department Store. The perfect tell-tale sign that it had just opened was the green and white balloons found in each side of the kiosk. Well that, plus the fact that I am starting to memorize the mall like the back of my hand so I could easily spot when something is up.

Coco Fresco 2nd Flr Market Market

It is noticeable how their kiosk is quite "dressed up" compared to other coconut vendors. You may even consider it as hip and modern. Even their website has a fresh appeal to it.

Coco Fresco Official Website

But I am betting that soon enough when people start lining up in their kiosk, they will have some logistics problem in this branch having their stand facing the glass wall instead of the other way around.

Go Loco over Coco (Fresco)

I am not the adventurous type when it comes to flavors. I am usually happy with plain or original variant. I just feel my palette getting all confused if the food is bursting out with flavors. But since I am here to battle it off, I decided to try out their add-on offerings since the strawberry, pandan and ube syrup are for free. Additional Php 15 for Hershey Chocolate and Caramel syrup.

Grande Coconut Shake with Free Strawberry Syrup

I have to say that in terms of marketing, branding and presentation, Coco Fresco has the upperhand. But in terms of actual product, you can not go wrong with the tree of life -- our beloved home grown produce, BUKO! The taste, serving and pricing are the same in both stores. I had 16 oz. cup which cost Php 45.00 from both.

Other Add-on Syrup
Size and Price for Coconut Water