Apr 15, 2012

Spoken Word

Last Easter, Judah Paolo shared his God-given talent of the spoken word to each of the services we have at Victory Fort. There is power in the spoken word, there is power in the name of Christ. Just watch the video below and hear about the 'Word'... Tetelestai (it is finished)!

Victory Fort Saturday Easter Service 4pm


On a more personal note:

Well as much as I am starstruck with the celebrities in our home church, I try to contain myself not to ask to have pictures with them. No offense though to those who do it, that is just me, my stand on this matter...my mindset is that I want to respect their time -- they are there to worship the Lord just like the rest of the believers. We are all equal here anyway in the family of Christ so if time comes that I get to fellowship with them then probably that will be the time that I would have my pictures taken with them. And I am blessed that I have had some close encounter with a handful of them:

More than their stardom, I am at awe with their testimonies like Yeng Constantino, Kate Torralba, Jose 'Quest' Villanueva, Jacque Oda who offered their talents in the benefit gig 'Because Love' which Maika (my One2One discipler) invited me to be part of. Danica Sotto-Pingris was our teacher during my Victory Weekend. I got to thank her personally on how she inspired me and how much blessed I am watching her 'Be One' Video. 

Also, another 'Be One' Video that I was really touched with was Judah Paolo's. So, it was a delight shooting him onstage during the Saturday Service. I was already happy when he and his wife, Earl (who was my batchmate in T4V class) sent their thank yous in FB when I shared his picture. So I had no plans whatsoever to make a big deal out of it until we bumped into our good friend, Gutch (hubby's One2One discipler), who was with him after the Leader's Development class. Still, a bit shy but somehow the Holy Spirit spoke to me to just simply introduce myself. Thus, this picture *giggles* :

This happened right after the boys came out from the Spritual Gifts (prophesy) class so right there and then hubby Jason, Gutchie, and Judah prayed for me. In that prayer he spoke about something 'big' for me and never in my mind that I thought I would be wanting for with regards to our latest assignment from the Lord which is to take on photography. We were just simply praying for a few add ons to our very basic Nikon D3100 since we are doing a budget wedding to a fellow churchmate this May for FREE! Truly, if the Lord spoke through Judah -- God will be done!

A blessing indeed. All the glory and honor is the Lord's!