Oct 19, 2012

Waterproof Dry Bag From Filters Exchange Shop

DISCLAIMER: I am not selling this item. I am simply writing to share my experience transacting with Filters Exchange via online orders. If you are interested to purchase the product, the link below will bring you to their online store.

I was looking for a waterproof dry bag for our upcoming water adventures. I was hoping to keep our DSLR camera and change clothes dry during the activities. But unfortunately, the price for this item ranges from Php 1,000 to 2,000 depending on the size until I came upon Filters Exchange Online Shop through Google which offers it half the price.

Filters Exchange Online Shop

I texted very early in the morning just today to place an order of the Small Size Waterproof Dry Bag 8L. I also noted that the delivery should be not earlier than 2pm in my office address. Their team replied that I could expect the delivery within the day. *Smiles* That was quick!

Their ad claims that the product is as such:

Photo from their advertisement

For simple water leisure activities or extreme watersport adventures, this dry bag is sure to offer protection for your gear.

• 100% Waterproof with welded seams
• Floats safely if dropped in water
• Durable, wipe-clean and easy to store away
• Multipurpose storage application
• Heavy duty and durable materials for rough usage
• Only available in blue

• Small - 8 Liters - Php 500
• Medium - 16 Liters - Php 600
• Large - 22 Liters - Php 700

Note: This product is waterproof.  It floats and can handle quick submersions.  The product could be permeated by water in any of the following applications: prolonged submersion, submersions greater than 3 feet in depth, high water pressure applications.

Come noon, I received a text from their delivery guy (DG) confirming if I am already in the office. Shortly, he courteously informed me that he couldn't find a parking slot so asked if I could just meet him outside the building instead. I asked Kuya DG, the in-house messenger, about the product and about his itinerary for the day. After inspecting the item, I gave him the payment then signed his receiving form. Job well done Kuya DG and ingat while you deliver riding your motorcycle, always wear your helmet!

All in all, this online transaction is a success. Website is complete - product info, contact info, service terms and conditions so read first. Filters Exchange team is responsive to inquiry and is quick to process orders (I suppose if the item is on hand). Issues receipt since they have a physical shop in Mandaluyong.

Successful and fast transaction

Product Testing

The 8L capacity or the small size are just really meant for small items. I was only able to fit 1 regular bathroom towel into it. Here is the actual item I received. Notice that there is no print on it compared to the one in their ad.

Actual photo of the item delivered

Next part, I got a pail of water then submerged the bag containing a bathroom towel for less than a minute. The opening of the bag do not seal as tightly so it opened thus enter the water. See the encircled portion wherein the towel got wet. 

Portion of the towel that got wet

So my verdict, use it to protect your things from watersplashes or perhaps from the rain. But you can't count on it to keep your belongings dry in case your bag falls underwater.

I just realized that I incorrectly closed the bag and performed a 2nd test...it was successful! No instruction came in with the bag so sorry about that. So this is how the bag should be closed.

Sequence 3-2-1
That concludes this review. If you have tried out other brands and recommends it, feel free to comment below.