Oct 14, 2012

Meet The B98 Tenants

One Saturday night while just chilling at home our churchmate, Tan, who also happen to live in the unit directly above ours dropped by. After a while of kulitan and goofing around, the two musicians started jamming. And I as a frustrated talent manager este supportive and all, I decided to record it.

This is just a spur of the moment thing and they had no practice whatsoever so professional musician do not expect much but I think the two got a good rapport. So meet The B98 Tenants, Tan on guitars and Jase on vocals doing "I Dare You To Move" by Switchfoot:

B98 stands for Block 98... the address of our apartment building here in Makati. To book them kindly contact me via email found in the sidebar. Hahaha...But seriously, praise God for their giftings. Here are some more of their personal uploads found in their respective YouTube channels.

Fuse during Battle of the Bands 2008

Tan's Home Video on Ippo Opening Song

Now this time Jase on drums
Fuse Battle of the Bands 2012