Oct 16, 2012

Video Playlist of The Week

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So I missed out on the latest Aga ♥ Regine movie 'Of All the Things'. So instead of fretting about it...I filled up my SG Note with some Tagalog Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy) Movies.

But before any of you conyos could pass any judgement on my taste of movies please bear in mind how stressful our daily grind can be and somehow lately I noticed that Tagalog movies help me wind down. Feeling ko kasalanan ng Skycable Cinema One to eh...wala na kse kaming Star Movies.

Ms. Regine as Luisa or Isay eating isaw

So anyhow, here is currently on my video playlist:
1. Pangako Ikaw Lang - Regine, Aga
2. When The Love Begins - Aga, Anne
3. Pangarap Ko ay Ibigin Ka - Regine, Boyet
4. Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw - Regine, Robin
5. Till I Met You - Regine, Robin

But to cap off my weekend, I changed gear to What's Your Number starring Anna Faris ♥ Chris Evans.

House Bunny falling in love with Captain America

Also, it is that season again in the US when some of my favorite TV series are on air.

Goodbye Mark, Grey's Anatomy Season 9

Adult Cartoon, Cleveland in Stoolbend Season 3

Newly wed Bernadette Wolowitz Big Bang Theory Season 6

Happy viewing movie and tv buffs like me~self, ey!

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