Oct 30, 2012

Our Orange Plate

For this post, I just want to pay tribute to the man who feeds me (literally!) It is no secret to you that I am a kitchen handicap and I was not programmed to cook. I would try my hands in the kitchen once in a while but I easily forget the procedures when I am done trying. To think I am good in remembering things but not with recipes...naka-auto delete mode ata yung brain ko basta finish na ko with my cooking.

So hubby put on his Chef Jasey apron especially during the weekend. Believe me when I say that he is a man of few words. He can survive a day at home without uttering a word and just expresses himself with one syllable sounds and grunts. (Think caveman form of communication.) But his lack of words, he compensate with action (Yeap, this is his language of love). Aside from ensuring our tiny apartment is secured and well-maintained, he usually spend an hour or two in the kitchen to prepare some homecooked meals.

I asked him once if he doesn't get stressed out cooking because I definitely get tense when I do it. He said not at all and it actually helps him relax and take off his mind from work. You will know that he is stressing out from his job when all of a sudden he cooks sinigang during the evening. Basta pag yun na yung niluto nya out of the blue, malamang sa hindi something is bothering him.

So presenting to you Jasey's dishes served in our orange plate. These are just few of them because most of the time we end up digging in without taking a picture. Hihihi.

Pinoy Beef Steak

Hello, compare nyo naman sa gawa ko hahaha...

Corned Beef
Spam with Palpak na Pancake