Oct 20, 2012

Bench Outdoor Sling Bag

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For this week, I was on a hunt for an outdoor sling bag. Big enough to carry my phone, camera, money, sunblock, eyewear and keys. I was quite particular with the fabric or material. I don't exactly know what it is called but I'll know it when I see it.

Last night, I drilled down my choices to two items I saw available online: Deuter Escape I vs. The North Face Sling bags. Both items are more or less being sold at Php 1,000.

Sling Bag Battle

I scouted first at Market Market how much it cost if you buy it in sports houses. I just want to make sure I was getting a good deal online. But I didn't find any among the 5 stores I looked into. Hmm...

I asked hubby if we could stop by the Bench store since I was curious if I could carry a fedora hat worn by the mannequins. Although the hat didn't work for me after trying it...Lo and behold an orange, yellow and blue outdoor sling bag was on display in one of the bag racks. PERFECT!

My 1K budget just got slash down to less than 300 bucks. Cool, ang sweet talaga ni Lord magsurprise.

Orange you glad I found you at the right moment!?

BenchTM is my all time fave Pinoy brandname. No matter what size I am in the season of my life (from L to 2XL and back). I still find something to wear from their clothing line. Perhaps, this can also be attributed to the design geniuses that allow also for the clothes to evolve as their patrons grow up. And I've been a Bench Lifestyle Card holder since 2008. The same year they launch it I think. I am so loyal that I even wore the Reign by Regine V. perfume during my wedding.

2009: Bench Perfume for my wedding day

So this is a perfect time as any to greet the team Happy 25th Birthday! Let us be ageless together.

25 years and more

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