May 31, 2008

Bench Lifestyle Card

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Got some extra dough yesterday. Ep, ep, ep bago humirit ng libre (or worst utangan mo ko)... it's not that big -- just enough to add a few stuff to my wardrobe which screams for a make over! Sigh, indi kse pedeng magspending galore. I need to save up for next year's "event". I asked Jase to come with me kso medyo nagkatampuhan, nawala sya sa mood (but bati na kami later the afternoon) kaya I went on my own na lang to SM Bacoor. At sympre as expected, with my current body type, I got stuffs from Jag, Lee and of course Her Bench. They offered me the Bench Lifestyle Card which I gladly avail kse naman 50% of what's inside my closet is from their shop. Thanks Bench for putting us the not so perfectly figured in mind when designing your clothes! I love it...

After a couple of hours of shopping and paying out my monthly bills ayun Zero balance na ulet.

Change topic, OC ba ko masyado, here's what my HD looks like:

Ang organize ng pix namin noh, 4 years pa nga lang yan kse wala namang digicam 10 years ago. Hehehe.

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  1. hi sis,

    the event next yr is your wedding day? :) congratz!!!


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