Sep 30, 2012

My First Lulu Swing Shoes: The Cancan

Patty Laurel features a lot of exciting things in her blog which mostly complements my taste as well. A few months ago she posted Pretty Little Things and her list includes a contest giveaway of Lulu Swing shoes. Sadly, I didn't win the contest but just the same I just couldn't resist the charm of its shoe designs and finally gave in when the Cancan model came out.

I verified my size on their chart then placed my order. The next day I received confirmation about the availability of my order then I paid it via BPI deposit. I replied with a copy of my deposit slip to confirm my payment then a day after... I am now a certified Lulu Swing Shoes owner. Yay, whatta feat!

Unboxing my first Lulu Swing excited
I wore my first pair a couple of times already during this weekend and I find it to be lightweight considering it's leather. Comfy, pretty and makes me happy! Thanks to Isa and Team. (Heard the owner is a Christian too.)

Breaking in my Cancan during the Banapple Market Market Grand Opening