Apr 14, 2007

In Between Jobs

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Sigh!!! So I have 3 days to do some stuff before I start with my new employer on Monday. Yesterday morning I went to NBI Carriedo to get my NBI Clearance but since I got a hit, it was due on April 18. It was still early so I rode back the LRT to Vito Cruz station and went to Harrison Plaza. It has been what??? 3 Years since I've been there. It used to my in my daily route way back in college so it was fun to check it out again. Reminiscing ba! Good thing was I had the right timing for their 3-day sale so I snag 3 additional blouses for half the prices. Hehehe...Ok na ang mga pamasok ko it would last na until my next sweldo. I can buy more clothes by then. I did na some shopping at Divi last April 9 kse eh. I waited awhile since I promise Jase I would wait for him after work. So off to MOA I went dahil dun nya ko pinapunta...

I got home a little late na rin and heard that namove pala yung seminar namin in UPITTC on April 29. Ayos! Sakto na ang budget ko to last until my first paycheck with Navitaire. So eto pala yung feeling ng wala kang trabaho! Hihihi...

Sleep all day ala Jason Mraz naman ang drama ko today. I was supposed to go back at HRD for my clearance pero sarap matulog and magpahinga kaya next Saturday na lang siguro tsaka para mas feel ko yung pagkakamiss ko sa kanila and para may mga bago akong kwento.

Wish me luck guys!

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  1. congratz ...... ang bilis naman makahanap ng work. in demand


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