Jan 30, 2012

Philippine Govt Office I: Philippine Postal ID

3 Destination in One Day. This is going to be a long post. Read on...

Getting Philippine Postal ID 

Location: Kawit, Cavite
Processing Time: 8:00 am - 8:40 am
Fee: Php 350.00
Requirements: Cedula, Birth Certificate, Brgy. Clearance, 3 pcs. 2x2 ID picture, you will also sketch out the location of your house in the form

Perks: It is valid for 5 years and contains more than the basic name, address, occupation. The back of the ID contains birthdate and place, height, complexion, hair and eye color and birthmarks.

Last Friday, it was hubby's day off and he had errands to run for our car back in Cavite so I asked him so nicely to drop by our local municipal office for my 2012 Cedula then to our barangay hall for my barangay clearance. I sent him with a couple of authorization letter. My dependable hubby was able to acquire both so I'm all set today to start with my excursion. Hahaha.

I've been rehearsing the itinerary in my head for a week now and been praying that all will be well and I'll be safe commuting around alone. First stop, local post office: I asked the old man in the window where can I get a Postal ID and he said I was in the right window. But I have to wait a little because the personnel that does the ID is not yet in. I handed him the requirements then he added 'tatlong 2x2...yung may collar.' I came in prepared I had my picture taken in Picture City - Market Market availed Package 4 (6 pcs. passport size) and Package 7 (passport size & 1x1). He was actually surprised that I had complete requirements but medyo masungit pa rin yung tone nya. He gave me a form to fill up and while answering the form, he was reading through my requirements then said 'Anak ka ni Gloria?'

So I had small talk with him para di nya na ko sungitin. He knew my Tito's, Tita's even my Lolo's so he started smiling as he reminisce their times hanging out. He was about the same age as my Mom if she was still alive so I guess they are really contemporaries. Anyhow, a few minutes later I saw a woman coming in the main door and she was apologetic when she came in to the Postal Office. She said she was late because her blood pressure is high that morning and not feeling well. She started instructing the people inside the office. Despite her loud voice she was still courteous to me and wasted no time in making my ID. Base on the 'scolding' she had with the other personnel, I picked up that she was our local PM (Post Master). While typing my ID, she said to her subordinate 'Magpasalamat kayo itinatama ko kayo dahil concern ako sa inyo, malapit na kong magretire. Para rin naman sa inyo yan.' She gave me the card to check the info before laminating it. She handed it to me, I then thanked her and wished her to feel better soon. I was rejoicing to have my first government ID with PICTURE bearing my married name. So, I hop with glee in a baby bus going to SM Bacoor.

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