Dec 27, 2006

Pink Is The New Black

Jase and I both wore pink to our X'mas Parties. I wore mine on the MIS X'mas Party (Dec 22) and he wore his on the SCAD X'mas Party (Dec 23). So in the eve of the 24th I forced him to wear it again so we could have this pictorial. Its was still fresh from the washing machine and he got the chills after wearing it for a few minutes. Hehehehe....

Media Noche preparation was exciting. It's no secret that I have no talents to cooking or anything that requires a stove. Not that I really took the time to discover if I really do have talents but I missed my mom's specialty during the holidays ang spaghetti na mala-Menudo na dahil sobrang dami ng giniling with it's Pinoy Style taste. Since my mom got sick last Dec 2004 and passed away I never got the chance to taste it again. So I was determined to make one this year and summon my ever supportive bf, who is a wizz in the kitchen, to help me out to accomplish my goal. And truly after mixing the 1 K giniling, 1/2 liver, sauce and spice -- waahlaah we were able to recreate the spaghetti a la Gloria. Waaah!!! I miss my nanay so much. Anyway the rest of the dinner were buko salad, macaroni salad and ham from my employer. No need to be too fancy since there are only 3 of us in the house. Sana next year matuto na talaga akong magluto.

By the way I would like you to meet my new bed companion, Asomoto. One of Jase's Christmas gift to me. I am very fond of dogs but my dad wouldn't allow me to have one these days coz we couldn't accomodate it in our tiny apartment. Plus our new fervor to the Moto V3x made me name the stuffed animal after it.

Later that evening we went to see the "May Tinis 2006" in the Kawit Town Plaza. It's a parade of floats from the different barangay depicting characters or scenes in the Bible. But these year there were only few floats so the parade ended up quite early.

Eba at Adan