Dec 22, 2012

Coron 2012: Dressing up for the Island

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To tell you frankly it has been very tricky for me to dress up according to my style since I gained weight due to my hypothyroidism. I am used to being within normal weight range all my life so first things first is learning to adjust to the new pear shape body type. It is still hit and miss as I study what works and what doesn't. But I have to say that 'A' for me for Ae~ffort for trying not looking like a slob. Thanks Lifestyle Channel's What Not To Wear for always reminding me that it is not your size that is causing the problem but rather how you dress up for your size.

Next issue is that not many brands carry sizes for 2XL that fits within my allotted budget. Even if they do, it would be one size smaller or one size bigger for me. So it wasn't easy scouting for items that fits. Thus, patience until you find something you like.

Anyhow, here we have my Coron getaway ensemble.

Flight to Busuanga and Mt. Tapyas afternoon tour: Suelas Corte Tan, Bluegreen coverup and Midi Halter Summer Dress both from Fashion Market.

Island Hopping: Jelly Bunny black sandals, Pink&White stripes Coverup from Fashion Market, Body Music black shorts and Sassa Swimwear from Metro Department Store.

Dinner and souvenir shopping: Suelas Corte Tan, Black Camisole SM Department Store, Violet Dress and Yellow-Orange shawl from Fashion Market.

As you can see I am a minimalist for I am not good with accessorizing. So if you have tips for me feel free to comment or email me in the address found in the sidebar.

Suelas Online

Jelly Bunny
Ground Floor Activity Center
Market Market BGC Taguig

Fashion Market**
Metro Department Store - Ladies Section
2nd Floor Market Market
BGC Taguig

** Fashion Market is the Tiangge-style setup inside Market Market mall where you can find different stalls selling clothes from local to factory overruns. Imagine, Greenhills Shopping Center or 168 Mall in Divisoria.

DISCLAIMER: I don't breathe fashion, heck you will find me everyday going to the office wearing a boring black pants and basic blouse partnered with flat shoes with no makeup on (I don't know how to do it either). But occassionaly, I would channel the kikay lady inside of me esp. when I go out with hubby and put on some pretty things. My mom used to own a RTW store where I used to get my supplies from when I was much younger. I grew up reading Candy, Cosmo, Marie Claire and Woman's Today Magazine. I like watching makeover and fashion-related reality tv shows such as Project Runaway and America's Next Top Model.

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