Dec 11, 2012

Coron 2012: Rico & The Crew of Calamian Islands Travel and Tours

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One of the many things we learned from watching Paco Guerrero in his travels to is to get the story behind the people you meet in the places you go to. So even before blogging about details of the tourist spots in Coron, let me introduce to you first our Island Hopping Crew.

Aside from their accomodation, Balaibinda provided us with all the land arrangements and tours during our trip. So they were the ones who facilitated and contacted the local tourist guides. Our Day 2 Itinerary is for the Island Hopping Tour and it was through Calamian Islands Travel and Tours.

We were picked up from the lodge then dropped off to the docking area in Lualhati Park (5-minute ride). We met up with the boat crews which consisted by a Captain, a Boatman and of course Rico, our tour guide.

Our group only consisted of 4 adults and 1 kid: with that we had more time to ourselves to explore so Rico opened by asking us whether we want to walk 300 steps NOW or LATER. Our legs are still shakey from the 700+ steps of Mt. Tapyas the day before so we agreed to do it later.

Maybe because Rico was already doing this almost everyday, he would just utter information about the places very softly. His lack of gimmicks in explaining is well compensated in his skills once we were already in the water. He patiently "pulled" while three of us were holding on the floater and snorkeling looking at the scenery below us.

Rico fixing my mask and giving me instructions

When we reached the 91 Beach that is were we all started to bond. We actually had ample of time there to take pictures of the rock formation, the beach and underwater. During lunch time, even though we tried convincing them but the guides would not eat with us. (It was sort off a SOP to them not to eat with the guests). So instead, Rico entertained us by answering our kulit questions while we were eating.

Gangsta lang yung peg pero mabait yan!

Rico is just 30 yrs old so we stopped calling him Kuya since we were a year older than him. He doesn't have any girlfriend by choice because according to him "Mahal po ang bigas! Php 32 NFA Rice, may amoy pa yun". Hahaha.

The funny banter amongst us continued to Twin lagoon and Kayangan Lake. Rico even took great photos of us and really directed us how to pose. San ka pa, di ba?

Twin Lagoon
Kayangan Lake
Buwis Buhay Underwater shots of Hubby and Rico
Shot inside the cave

Lastly, this is my personal favorite among all of our pictures in Coron

Shot by Rico for YAPtography

Innate to Pinoys is their light hearted nature despite living a life with rotating brown out in Coron and receiving a minimum wage monthly salary. The crew cannot accept freelance tour so if you wish to avail their service please coordinate with Calamian Travel and Tours and if possible request for Rico. And do not forget to tip them especially if you enjoyed their service!

Boat Captain
Boatman sometimes Hubby's Photographer

Thank you everyone for taking good care of us.
I speak blessing upon your way and may the Lord use your skills to send out His blessings.
Keep safe and stay down to earth!

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