Dec 7, 2012

Coron 2012: Thanks Cebu Pacific Seat Sale

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Budget conscious traveler like us only count on Seat Sale Promos that the airlines usually offer during holidays. You can say it is definitely a midnight madness sale since once the promo is up at 12MN, the seats get sold out very easily like hot pancakes and you will already have a hard time finding available dates if you search at 7 AM. 

If you are suki of the Seat Sale, you are probably used to on how crazy cheap you can book a flight compared to normal days. So I am writing for those who are first timers and new to this. Just to give you an  idea, here is how much our airfare cost for roundtrip to Manila-Coron for 2 pax:

Seat Sale cost less than 2K

Just for comparison, I tried booking 3 weeks before the travel dates and almost to the same flights. Here is what I got (wala pang fees and taxes here if I am not mistaken):

Regular Fare cost 15K+


Definitely we cannot afford the regular fare just for traveling so I am pretty glad knowing that we get to enjoy the Philippines without hurting our budget. For this year we have to give kudos to Cebu Pacific. Hubby and I only take one domestic travel per year since we got married. As I oftenly say, we do not have a credit card so we save up first and wait for good deals then travel without worries. Thank God for His amazing provision that He doesn't only provide just for our needs but also for leisure.

Here are my personal strategies when availing for seat sale:

1. Goal Setting: Have an idea where and when you wanna go. Ensure that the travel dates you pick are not in the near future, at least 3 months to 6 months before. You can have options like below which you will use when searching for deals para hindi basta kung saan at kelan na lang kayo pupunta just because may sale doon.
      Plan A: Destination 1, Travel Dates 1
      Plan B: Destination 1, Travel Dates 2
      Plan C: Destination 2, Travel Dates 1

2. Don't get yourself into debt. Although credit card number can easily be inputted in your web browser doesn't mean you should do so. Since this is for leisure, it is better that you save up first, at least for the air fare muna. As you saw, your Php 2000 is already good for 2 pax, roundtrip flights. 

3. When you have the money at hand, monitor the Seat Sale Promo via alerts in Facebook or visit Cebu Pacific website daily or every other day. Base on my observation, they go on sale during the holidays and the promo is up either 12 MN or 12 NN. So be ready to stay up late on the sale day.

As for me, when I don't have the airfare budget yet I just ignore the ongoing seat sale. I'd rather wait for the next one instead of pushing it. You travel to unwind and explore new places with your love ones. So beginning your traveling plans with stress is no good sign at all. So make it a delightful experience at the very start... Enjoy!

It's more fun in the Philippines

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