Dec 16, 2012

Coron 2012: Staying at Balaibinda Lodge

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Balaibinda Lodge is a charming, compact, cozy place located at the Coron Town Proper. It is a few steps away from the Local Tourist Center Building and a 2-minute walk to Lualhati Park where the boats docking area are also located.

Outside the lodge is the usual provincial town set up where the public market and small establishments are accessible. A few more walks or a tricycle ride is the Municipal Town Hall and Plaza. It has the common busy rural feel outside. But once you step inside the Balaibinda, you will find some quietness and homey feeling featuring a pocket garden at the center of the 2 storey-lodge with rooftop.

Reception and Lounge Area adjacent to the Garden

We stayed at Room 205 Courtyard Queen. Inside the room you will find a queen-sized comfy bed, 19" LCD Cable TV, Aircon and ceiling fan. A slim built-in cabinet has 4 hangers while the bathroom has a shower heater. The available toiletries are 2 white towels, a shampoo split sachet, 2 soaps and toilet papers. There were no toothbrush and toothpaste. Knobs and locks are working and no problem whatsoever in all furniture. Wifi signal is also good in our room, we actually saw a couple of routers so just in case you still want to stay connected.

Right outside our room in the second floor is the restaurant where set breakfast is being served daily.

Although the place is small and compact, you cannot discount the fact that it is adorned intricately with different ornaments. Since it was Christmas Season, they have Christmas decors combined with their locally
made displays. We spent a good hour just taking pictures around.

One thing I also love about Balaibinda is that right beside its gate is a Zagu Pearl favorite!!! It is a good way to refresh coming back from Mt. Tapyas hike and Island Hopping Tour.

Balaibinda Building Facade

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