Dec 6, 2012

Third Wedding Anniversary Marks Our 15 Years Together

Today, Jase and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary but more than that, this day also marks the 15 years that we have been together. Our relationship began as highschool sweetheart in 1997 then a dozen years after we got married in a simple but intimate ceremony in 2009. Today we can literally say that we have spent half of our lives together here on earth.

So how can one put into words those years...I simply can't. I can only say "Thank you Lord for being the center and third strand in our relationship. By your grace, you have allowed our love to grow towards each other. May Your Name be glorified through the testimony of our relationship."

To you my husband, I love you.

12 Years featured in our wedding souvenir

First 3 Years as Married Couple