Dec 2, 2012

Nanay Glo

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Today is my mom's birthday -- it should have been her 60th year. She already passed away seven years ago due to a kidney disease. As a Christian, we don't pray or talk to our dead love ones. We believe that by accepting Christ as their Savior while they were still alive, we could be confident that they are already in heaven with our Creator. 

So today I just want to remember the life my mom lived. She was a devoted wife and a mother to a thriving middle class family. Her best asset was being showy and affectionate and in work she is very industrious: she started out selling 'talbos ng kakong', tindera sa palengke ng candy store, cashier at Rustan's (where she met my Tatay Tony) and so many others before eventually God blessed us when they ventured into different businesses.

Kabog aketch --- Reyna Elena si Galoria!

When my Nanay was still alive, my insecure teenage self would always whine to her about how I didn't get most of her genes! I mean the flawless skin (she never got a single pimple ever in her life) and even at her age she was a looker. I don't have a close up picture of her here in the apartment but she was a Rio Diaz look alike. Rio Diaz was a former beauty queen, TV host, an actress and sister to Ms. Universe 1969, Gloria Diaz. Ms. Rio already passed away in October 2004 while Nanay went to heaven January 2005. 

Well, if there is one thing I regret though is I was really a pasaway daughter. She got the best of my bratinella days. But nevertheless, I cherish her and will always be thankful to God that He allowed me to be with her for a time.

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