Dec 16, 2012

Homebound: December 2012

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It was one week after our Coron Trip, so time to bring home the pasalubong to Kawit. But just before we went straight to our house, we took a detour to a store in Noveleta to buy Samala Rice Cake. I was suppose to buy a few to bring back to the office but unfortunately their stock is good to eat only until Sunday... Eh Monday ko pa madadala sa office, so I ended up just buying one for ourselves.

Upon reaching home, we were entertained by Nathan, my in-laws African love birds. Actually Nathan was already the inakay of Daniel and Katharina. Yeap they are all named after the teleserye.

He is no Angry Bird but a very energetic, happy bird

So what is new in our town? Surprise, surprise -- we now have our very own SM Savemore Supermarket located at Magdiwang Highway Tabon II Kawit Cavite. Just after you passed by my alma mater Aguinaldo Elementary School.

It is good that Kawit will have an income generating establishment within the vicinity but expect traffic jam will build up in that 2-way area.

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