Jul 20, 2013

The Off Price Show in Filinvest Tent Alabang

Seen it in banners around the neighborhood but was too busy to pick up on it. But the Filinvest Tent was just right across hubby's office building and he message me this

Hubby: What time ka mag-out?
Me: 7pm
Hubby: Silip ako sa tapat - may sale.
Me: SAMA AKO!!! 
Hubby: Okay, wait kita.

Also, when I checked my Globe Prepaid SIM, I got a text invite to The Off Price Show as well and all I need is to present the SMS to get in for free. Keeewwl timing!

From their FB Page: The Off-Price Show brings a whole new retail concept to Manila showcasing premium lifestyle brands at off-price discounts (50% - 80% off). You don’t need to trek to high-end stores to get your brand favorite as global lifestyle brands converge in one show in this 3-day must-see shopping event.

So we lined up at the registration booth to get our barcode stickers. You have an option to register individually but if you opt to declare the other person as just companion, it is only the registrant who will be valid to join the raffle. 

Let the hunt begin!!! To save time though hubby went to the men's section while I went to the ladies' section. We agreed to meet up after 30 minutes. I was targeting some rainy season outfits so when I spotted G2000 Women Long Sleeves Knitted blouse for just Php 350 in my size if I might add I was already happy! Sakto pa that I just learned this morning that they just opened their first shop here in the country. But my time is not yet over so I picked up a couple of more items.

Going around some more I noticed that Havaianas are selling like hot pancakes for being sold for 1K instead of 2K so for those collectors out there, this might tickle your fancy.

Satchmi, Curators of functional luxuries, also has an interesting booth at the middle of the tent showcasing turntables and vintage vinyls. Syempre niresearch ko pa yan when I got home hahaha.

After meeting up in our spot, I already went ahead to the cashier while hubby continued to browse around for last minute buy. If you decide to drop by though here are some few tips:

  • Go there if you have time to kill. You will spend half of your time lining up -- in the registration, fitting booth and payment.
  • Don't bring kids they might get impatient and throw tantrums. Bring a chatty friend to avoid boredom while falling in line.
  • The place tends to get chilly because of the blower and big fans so bring a cardigan or hoody.
  • If you have bad knees, you might get tired from standing up in line so better to assign this task to someone who doesn't get tired easily.
  • Since this is a bargain place, expect that people bought a number of items so wait patiently for your turn.
  • Attendants are helpful but not that friendly (perhaps just temp staff) so do not expect for high quality service or for them to smile at you after serving a dozen of shoppers.
Anyhow, you know that we are two crazy people so we just always end up amusing ourselves in situations like this. Here is hubby doing a wink just like the one in his barcode.

I am no fan of milktea, actually I am not getting used to its concoction but suprisingly the best find of the night was the Super Cup Milk Tea Rainbow Konjac Jelly  in this 1 liter plastic cup for only Php 75.00. A must try!

Yay and finally we reached the cashier. A few bills out and we are done shopping ladies and gentlemen... Clap, clap, clap!!! Thanks hubby for my shopping allowance! Thank you Lord for the provision.

This is just day 1 of the sale so you still have until Sunday.
What was your great find?