Jul 7, 2013

Staycation at Acacia Hotel Manila - Alabang

Work load has been kinda crazzzeeehhh!!! It has been taking a toll on me that I got sick for 2 weeks. Although I got to stay at home for most of those days, my body was in recuperating mode but my mind was still left on the tasks I have in my queue so that still didn't count as rest.

So for our 187th monthsary (12 years b/gf + 3 years and 8 months married) this weekend, I booked us an overnight stay at the nearby Acacia Hotel Manila . Literally, it was just 10-minutes away from our place here in Alabang Gilid. Hahahaha! I believe we gave justice to the word -- STAYCATION since we really enjoyed the hotel's amenities. We stayed cozy and warm in the king-sized bed inside our Deluxe Room. I'll be blogging more about Acacia Hotel Manila - Alabang  in the following days but for now take a peek on our couples time there. 

After getting a long phone call from MIL (Mother-in-Law) regarding home stuff, I quickly changed to my hotel pambahay and snuck in between the sheets. Soon after I already doze off to dreamland. Zzzzz....

We ran some errands in the morning before checking in at the hotel so we had time to grab some baon of our choice from the grocery. I was looking for a bubble bath but I couldn't find one so I just bought this Camay Shower Gel in Romantique Rose Scent. I'll spare you from seeing me in the tub because I am pretty sure you do not want to see that but here's my Orly Gel FXed toe nails. Hihihi.

Late in the afternoon we headed to the swimming pool located at the 3rd floor but right before you get there is the garden. So we stopped by for a moment to get some few snapshot since it is overlooking hubby's engineering office.

There were a lot of families enjoying the pool but when the evening came we had the pool all to ourselves that we ended up bonding with the life guard on duty, Joupert. He prepared ice tea for us, complimentary drink in the pool. We also tried out the Jacuzzi which was a few steps away.

The lights in the pool were changing so here is hubby doing his Hulk impression with the green light under water. Bwahahaha!!!

After having dinner outside, we called it a night. On our last day, we headed at the Coffee Shop to have our buffet breakfast. I surprisingly enjoyed the pool so much I decided to take another dip after our breaky. Last few hours were spent sleeping in the room while hubby watches live telecast of UFC where Mark Munoz won.

All of that unwinding, thanks to the the voucher we got from their private sale offering at DealGrocer.com