Jul 1, 2013

Glad To Be Globe with Unli Data Plan + Tethering

Just like most of you, I have grown with Globe. Through their evolution and innovation, I have to say that they not only shaped the landscape of the communication industry here in the country but they are truly a trail blazer in their own right. Yet with outstanding track record, they never failed to bring their goods closer to any Pinoy home which includes the agents that go from house to house, superb Customer Care Service, up-to-date website and modern Globe hubs located at the malls.

My Globe Story

Back in our Makati apartment starting 2011, we were subscribed as Globe Tattoo Broadband with Landline. I have enjoyed their service, so much so I decided that it was time for me to get my own Globe Superplan which I did and was able to avail the free Samsung S3 Mini last February under Unlimited Data Plan 999. 

Soon after, career opportunity came up that we had to move from Makati to Alabang. We tried getting their service again at our new place but after technical assessment, we were informed that the facilities are not available in our location. To our dismay, we applied for another network. That was in March but until now no feedback whatsoever from that said other network but if you follow me in Twitter, you probably have an idea which one I am referring to.

But anyhow, the silver lining is that despite this we manage to stay connected with the world wide web through, drum roll please...

My freaking Unlimited Globe Data Plan 999!!!

Yes, thanks to 3G technology plus tethering capability of the Samsung phone, I am able to power up a number of gadgets at home via WIFI - laptop, iPad, smartphones even our desktop with USB Wireless N-LAN. We download, upload, stream, facebook -- name it! We still get to do all of it with the reliable signal of Globe.

Napabilib talaga si Mister, that he himself (who is always been prudent) decided that getting his own Globe Plan is worth the monthly dues. We braved the rains when we learned that the Globe Caravan is in town and here he is getting his Windows Phone under the new scheme of My SuperPlan which happened less than a month ago.

I am sincerely glad to be Globe. Without it, would have turn out to be an irate caller to the other network who kept following up on our application but with Globe - I was able to keep my cool!