Jul 27, 2013

The Quirky Men's Tshirt Collection

I am guessing you are already familiar with the hit comedy US series - Big Bang Theory and the "lovable" character of Sheldon Cooper and his fashion statement.

Photos from the Internet

However, I have been with my-then-boyfriend-now-husband long enough to tell you that way even before the BBT series he is already fond of buying t-shirts just like those. Uhuh! We go out for a shopping spree and of course I get to choose nice polo, polo shirts at times pricey dress shirt for him but give him one item to pick up on his own. He either chooses a UFC Tap Out or QUIRKY T-SHIRT and mind you it is not easy to find one in his size. Hihihi.

Well,  I am not really complaining - he's such a nice, caring, loving and protective guy so I can live with his superheroes even Spongebob shirts. Remember, we went to the Off Price Show Sale last Friday and he had a last minute buy? This is the one na pahabol...

Rock, scissors, paper...SPOCK

He got it for a bargain price of Php 150 from Just for Variety. But I think this one is really an ode to Sheldon. Picture was taken really early in the morning before leaving the house so he is still half asleep thus the imperfect hand gesture. Sorry about that.

How about you, what are your quirks?