Jul 5, 2013

Travel Organizer at The Travel Club in Alabang Town Center

Had to do last minute shopping for a good office friend for her send off party on her last day. She is bound to leave to work abroad. So the group thought that it would be best to give her something she could use in packing her stuff. This came after I showed them the travel organizer which I bought online. It was too late to order online so after office hours, I rushed at the nearby Alabang Town Center (ATC).

While hubby drove the car to the parking lot, I googled for travel shops at ATC which led me to The Travel Club located at the 2nd Level of the New Wing. Ooooh, of course I got giddy from all the organizing stuff found in their very sleek shop!

They even carry the line of Flight 001 Products

I drilled down my choices to these Eagle Creek organizer bags that come in different sizes and with 20% discount when you buy 3 pieces which perfectly fits the group's budget.

At the counter, I asked them to remove the price tag and the attendants put it in an elegant paper bag with gift tag. So after just 30 minutes, I was done buying out our gift. But at the back of my mind, I was already planning when to go back to buy something for myself. Hahaha.

Here we are at the send off merienda... bawal ang iyakan!