Jun 14, 2013

Say My Name with Leah's Jewelry

I am a sucker for personalize item and I have been on the look out for personalize jewelry so when one of the celebrities I am following in Instagram posted a beautifully crafted wire bangle, I decided to check out the seller.

I like pretty much what I saw in their FB Page. So after browsing, I contacted the seller via text regarding the price range and other details. The seller was prompt to respond on my inquiries and soon we we're exchanging emails regarding the final design.

Fast forward to 14 days, I received this pendant with my very own name in Scriptina Font and it was lovely! You'll probably see more of the necklace in my future OOTDs. But for the meantime here is a closeup shot of the nice craftmanship that went to it.

My one comment lang, I am not sure if I was too excited or what, but after payment there was no advice on the delivery date so I had to follow up 4 days after paying. Then another verification to get my tracking number from their courier so I would be able to monitor it myself. But anyhow, the Fastrack was apologetic enough for  the very late Friday delivery in the office due to the heavy rains the past few days so it was all good.