Jun 17, 2013

Online Seller: Ebook Reseller on Instagram

Hello Monday!

I am dropping by just to give you a quick recommendation for those bookworms out there. I know nothing can replace the feeling of having a book in your hands flipping through its pages while your eyes go through line by line and your imagination painting a picture of the words to give them life.

However, everyone seems to be always on the go nowadays. But still we have those in between moments like being stuck in traffic that you wish you have a book with you to read. As technology evolves and so our well-adored books that can now come electronically thus the birth of ebooks!

Thankfully, ebooks resellers have found their way in Instagram which I personally call as instabook fair. Yay! Here are a couple of them which I like because of their service and easy mode of payment (MOP). My payment of choice is via Globe Share-A-Load.


This reseller is patient enough to teach me which app I could use for Android to start of my ebook and emag collection. Explaining why I have come backed multiple times already to shop at her page.


Sweet and easy breezy reseller. Efficient transaction is what you can expect from her. She is the first one who sent out the file even before asking for the payment first. Wow!

By the way, I am using Aldiko Reader app that I downloaded from Google Play for my Android Phone. Enjoy reading peeps!