Jun 6, 2013

Let's Dine at the Newly Opened Uncle Cheffy Festival Mall Alabang

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It is only less than a month since it opened its branch at Festival Mall but already it is attracting a decent number of mall goers to try out their brick-oven offerings. 

So right after attending our Worship Night service at Victory Alabang which is just at the 4th Floor of Festi, hubby treated me to dinner to have a mini celebration since it is our 186th monthsary - 15 years and a half!

For tonight, we decided to try out the Uncle Cheffy Platter's Surf Turf which is an assortment of fishes, pork, beef, chicken and ribs. It already comes with side salad and a bowl of rice. The serving is already good for 2-3 persons. The platter also include 6 different sauces -- 3 for the fishes and 3 for the meat.

Although I love to dine, I am no foodie so I will leave the food review up to you. But if you are veering away from the usual fast food dining at the mall, head to their place located just a few steps away from the 3F Commerce Exit at Festival Mall.

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