Jun 12, 2013

YAPtography Photo Set: Aguinaldo Shrine Kawit Cavite

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Happy 115th Independence Day my fellow countrymen!

As we commemorate the day of the Philippine Independence, I thought it will only be appropriate for me to post this historical landmark in my very own hometown - the Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine Kawit Cavite. I have practically lived my whole life around this house -- attending Emilio Aguinaldo Elementary School, participating in a number of parades leading to this place, being batchmates with Aguinaldo's descendants, taking our pre-nup photos at Freedom Park and the countless days when I pass by it.

Obviously, from Google

Ironically, Hubby and I haven't been inside the house together. Yeap, despite our 15.5 years relationship (12 yrs BF/GF + 3.5 yrs married) there are things still to be done. Kaya no room for sawaan!  So when we got Jarvis, we decided to do its pictorial smack right at Freedom Park. Making a quick side tour inside the mansion... TOGETHER!

There are no entrance fees in Aguinaldo Shrine, all you need to do is to sign up in their log book upon entering the gate. Good thing, we visited during the summertime so there were student doing their internship as tour guides. We were ushered to the garden where the vintage car, manual stone washing machine, some canyons are displayed then to the museum where the bowling alley, memorabilia and pictures are shown then to the main house and lastly to the tomb of Gen. Emilio.

I just need to highlight this miniature display depicting a scene from the past. You see in highschool, Hubby was cast as one of the Katipuneros in the reenactment of Battle in Binakayan during the Philippine Centennial Independence Day Celebration. I still remember him wearing the kamiso-chino and red pants, running in barefoot in his performance level as an actor. I've often teased him about it and we were still just friends during that time. Hehehe. And this was exactly that scene!

After that quick tour we agreed to visit more landmarks within Cavite. It was kinda cool to look into the past and connect everything that happened before. With such courage, the conviction our forefathers fought for is truly an honor to every Filipinos.

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