Jun 8, 2013

YAPtography Photoset: Cliff Diving at Tali Beach Nasugbu Batangas

Nestling at the top of the mountain is our host's weekend resthouse. It is also known as The Peak to the locals within the subdivision. Unfortunately, the house is NOT open for renting since the owners want to keep everything private. So it was a privilege for us when our host opened up their home and invited us to share this particular weekend with them inside the highest house in Tali Beach Subdivision.

A few meters away is the infamous cliff diving spot inside this posh subdivision. 

I am not sure if you could call what we did as diving but for me it was jumping but still it requires you to sum up enough courage to jump over from the big rocks into the deep blue water. By God's protection, so I did...

So okay, I didn't exactly jump off from the higher spot unlike my other teammates but it is worth the experience -- the thrill of splashing into the sea. Woot! Woot!!!

How fearless are you in trying out this kind of adventure?

Fun weekend with these people. Thanks much for great company. Till next time, folks!
Hanging at the cliff side for some OOTD.