Jun 8, 2013

Nestea Ice Tea Coron Water Bottle

So last January, I unfortunately left my KOR Water Bottle in Starbucks Valero. I miss that little blue thing but since it was a bit pricey I couldn't convince myself too soon to order a new one without hearing hubby in my head saying "Ang mahal mahal bago iwawala mo lang." Hahaha... so I am settling to the typical water bottle from the groceries store for the meantime.

But since we started jogging again, we needed another one so when I saw the Nestea Ice Tea Water Bottle in the shelves I just grabbed one that has "Coron" design in it. I must say for less than a couple of hundred bucks it is a pretty nice buy. Oh, and don't let me forget to mention that I am liking their Red Tea Rasberry Flavor.

From Nestea PH, Facebook page

Speaking off Coron, let me leave you with these pictures from our trip last December when we celebrated our 15th year anniversary.