Jun 29, 2013

Mobile App: Viber - Connect. Freely.

I remember downloading Viber as early as 2010 in one of my low end Android phone but  back then  I was on prepaid so I didn't really get much out of it unless there is a free wifi signal available. Three years forward here they are allowing more than just free calls and text messaging but also photos, location and even video sharing.

Hubby just recently bought a Windows Phone under data plan (3G) so we are trying out several messaging apps with considerations that we are on different platforms since I am using still using an Android Phone but now with data plan. So far Viber is the most fun to use.

I got stuck in the house for almost a week because I was sick and unfortunately hubby also needed to do some overtime so he just check up on me over Viber. Here is a snapshot of our conversation:

Cute right?

Try it out for yourself, here are the rest of the platforms in which you could use this messaging application. Let me know how it goes on your end, okay?

Images: Screenshots from Viber website: www.viber.com