Jun 24, 2013

The Voice of the Philippines: Kamp Kawayan

Thanks to iwantv.com.ph, I still get to catch The Voice of the Philippines despite the bad TV reception in our area and mind you with no commercial break!

Obviously, my loyalty goes to Team Bamboo since Mr. Manalac's music has been a great influence to us couple. Besides Christian Songs, his albums are the only ones stapled in our mp3s and in the car. Sa kasamaang palad pa nga eh when we sold Victor last April, our first car, naiwan ni hubby sa player ang CD ng No Water, No Moon! Wenk, wenk and we are left with just the album sleeves for our collection and since tiga Batangas pa yung buyer we weren't able to get the CD back. 

Anyhow, wala ka din naman talo with the other coaches - Sarah, APL and of course Ms. Lea Salonga! Susme, indi ko makakalimutan ang walang humpay kong pagkanta ng "I will show you the world, shining shimmering splendid..." habang hawak ko ang songhits worth Php 15.00 para mamemorize ko ang kanta ni Princess Jasmin, yun nga lang talaga I am not gifted with a singing voice. 

The Blind Audition

I am guessing that by this time you are already familiar with the show's format and what the blind audition is all about. After 2 weeks that TheVoicePH is on air, each 4 coaches has already 3-4 team members so the blind auditions are not yet over. I have a lot of respect for those who take a leap of faith and battle through the nerve-racking experience of auditioning but so far here are my top 3 favorites:

Isa Fabregas (Kamp Kawayan) - the worship leader from Victory Christian Fellowship - Makati. Supporting my churchmate as she showcase her talents to bring glory and honor for His Name.

Rahda Tinsay (Team Lea) - former Kulay member and also one of the prettiest faces in the music industry. I was actually been searching for her online a few months back since I have been wondering where she is right now and there she was in the blind audition. Looking at her reminds me of Dr. Callie Torres of Grey's Anatomy played by Sara Ramirez which by the way is another great singer.

Lee Grane (Kamp Kawayan) - The soulful breadwinner of the family gave a very moving performance when she covered Angel by Sarah Mclachlan leaving Bamboo teary-eyed.

As I end this post, please do include hubby in your prayers as he himself will be auditioning as a volunteer in the Music Ministry in our new home church, Victory Alabang. Peace out!