Aug 31, 2013

April 26: Million People March

The rest of the country was on a holiday last April 26 to celebrate National Heroes Day but I on the other hand, having foreign clientele, had to report to the office - business as usual. But 2013 public holiday is no other holiday as people from all walks of life gathered at Luneta Park to show their disgust in the current expose that fills up the news lately -- known as Pork Barrel Scam involving a certain Janet Lim-Napoles and some incumbent Senators of the country (sadly, a few which I voted) allegedly using our taxes for their own benefit. 

I salute those who took the time and join the picnic protest wearing white to show oneness in this particular issue. A lot of memes are going viral in social media but I find this one simple yet a little funny.

From Facebook

So basically, this is how a payslip look like with itemized items of our deductions with a very suspicious item in the list. It is funny however it hurts your pockets. Anyhow, here is a personal photo of mine -- a collection of some of my Income Tax Return (ITR) BIR 2316 over the years that I have been working, those that survived the floodings, I don't mind paying them for Jesus said in the Bible to pay Caesar what is Caesar but my only outcry is please use them wisely. #ScrapPork

I am proud to say that I have never missed out any national elections since I started voting when I was 19 but I have to confess I need to make better choices. I am glad Filipinos are build to be resilient but we do need to make ourselves informed.