Aug 3, 2013

Back Track: Let's Dine At Coron Palawan - Dec 2012 (Part 2)

Seaside Restaurant (Day 2 Dinner)

After a full day out in the sea (naks, feeling explorer and adventurer lang), we had our dinner at Seaside Restaurant. We were almost at the entrance of the small pathway when suddenly the electricity went out. This is not unusual in Coron as they have rotating brownout. Shortly, the lightbulbs in the eskinita lit up giving us enough light to have our way to the restaurant. We made a few stops asking for directions as we were not sure if we were in the right track. There was another restaurant right before the bridge but we were instructed to cross the bridge to get to the Seaside Restaurant.

When we set foot to their steps and saw their menu -- Sigh! Finally this is what we expected. Their menu is quite big having a variety and the prices is from  Php 250 up. Nice ambiance showcasing woodwork and furnitures. The chair is quite heavy so I assumed purong kahoy talaga. The surrounding was pitched black because of the brownout so we really didn't get to see the view of the sea that night.

We ordered quite a number of dish and suprisingly served in big plates. We took a few bites and just had our leftovers for takeout (we had it over breakfast the next day).

But had to say that we were unsatisfied with the service even though there were a number of servers that night. Our waitress seems to be in a hurry wanting to leave our table immediately everytime she approached our table. Gusto ko ng sabihin "May lakad ka, teh? Nagmamadali???" So sorry we did not leave any tip for them.