Aug 28, 2013

Green Shoe Studio Presents A Letter From Fred

We all need some heartwarming stories in our lives to keep us grounded despite the chaos around us. Even a midst this week #MillionPeopleMarch and #ScrapPork protest against Janet Lim-Napoles and Pork Barrel, we could use some - L.O.V.E. Hubby shared this video in Facebook and as you know I am really iyakin so here goes.

Green Shoe Studio is based on Peoria Illinois USA. They offer an array of services for audio, graphics, web and photography. True to their brand: Changing Our Community One Dream at A Time, they have put up a contest for musicians to upload their music video on YouTube and send the link to them.

However, they surprisingly got an entry via snail mail from a 96 year old recently widowed man named, Fred and here is the rest of the story.


Buy "Oh Sweet Lorraine" in iTunes.