Aug 10, 2013

Rent Out Movies with Video City

Can I be honest with you and just confess that I already max out my online shopping budget for more or less the rest of the year? And imagine its just only August! Well to cut the long story, I blew off some serious moolah in errrr a bad venture. Sigh! 

Anyhow, so expect less shopping feature for awhile until I recover from my lost. I am going rogue -- old school style. First stop, renting out movies from the Video City. Yeap, not torrent downloaded movies and take note indi DVD kundi VCD hahaha...beat that!

Renting out a movie from a video shop takes me way way back when I was still little. Something na namana ko sa Tatay ko who used to bring me along when he rents out 4-6 movies in betamax then VHS then CDs. Surprisingly, Video City always has an outlet nearby the place we are renting -- last time in Makati now here in Las Pinas. 

Being a member is just easy: I just filled out their registration form, presented 2 valid IDs and an ID Photo. I then paid for the card itself for only Php 10 and another Php 10 if you wish to have an extension. Nagulat pa si hubby when I handed out his card and commented "member na din ako, ganun lang yun?". Here's the first batch, a couple of RomCom (Romantic Comedy), a cartoon, action movie and adult comedy.

And yeah, I am using our 3-year old Coby DVD player (also a TV) which we bought when we were just starting out to rent in Manila and we still do not have our furnitures from Cavite. Now, I just connect it the LED TV and it is all set to view in a bigger screen.