Sep 7, 2013

2013 Denim Show-Off Promo in Festival Alabang

I asked permission from hubby if I could shop a little while waiting for him while he attends the first meeting of his church small group. So last weekend, I went around Robinson's Department Store in Festival Mall Alabang to look for a new pair of jeans. Since it was a weekend, I am wearing my go-to jeans from Jag.

Early that day while trying to find a parking space for almost 30 minutes, we realized it was actually a weekend sale thus the difficulty in finding a free spot. So I decided that my shopping should be purposeful and strategic. Hence, I went straight to the Jag booth without batting an eyelash, choose my size and fit it ad hoc fitting cube next to their stall (I really don't want to line up in the fitting room). It has no special price tag whatsoever so I assumed I will be paying the regular price.

But surprisingly, the assisting sales lady got a 20% price tag sticker and when I asked why, she said since I was already wearing Jag, I get a discount for my new pair because of the 2013 Denim Show-Off Promo. Yay! Bad news is it was already last day of the promo period but I do hope some of you were able to avail it.