Aug 3, 2013

Back Track: Let's Dine at Coron Palawan - Dec 2012 (Part 1)

Centro Coron (Day 1 Lunch)

We arrived Busuanga at 2pm-ish and had a 45-minute ride down to the Coron Town Proper. When we got there we were already hungry so we were on a look out where to have our late lunch. The Balaibinda Lodge personnel boasted that they are walking distance to restaurants. So we took it upon us to walk around the vicinity and true enough we started seeing food signages.

We were expecting nice interior as well but to our disappointment there was none. Hmmm...Did we put up the bar too high? We really had a budget set aside for dining because we wanted to try their local offerings. But our stomach is already growling so we decided to explore in the following days instead and ended up at Centro Coron.

Centro Coron offers buffet starting at 6 o'clock in the evening. But for lunch we ordered just a couple of ala carte meals which cost Php 150 each.

There was nothing special on our food. Although when we asked our Mt. Tapyas Tour Guide Chris, masarap daw duon. I dunno maybe he was referring to the buffet meals or what-have-yous.

Kapemos (Day 1 Dinner)

So after our tiring climb to Mt. Tapyas but soothing dip in Maquinit Hot Spring, we had a quick route to the town plaza. We asked our tour guide Chris to drop us off to a nice place to eat. They brought us to Kapemos. It has better interiors than the previous place. It was an open-air restaurant at the side of the street but the servers have uniforms. At that time there were only two servers since in my estimate the place could only accomodate 40 people at a time.

It was the night of our 15th Year Anniversary (3rd Wedding Anniversary) so were ready to splurge but then again we were surprised that the prices are lower than our prepared budget.

I find the beef in the bulalo pretty tasty because of the freshness of the meat but hubby (our home cook) said he could do it in our house plus if you compare it to MIL's bulalo, mas marami pang sahog kay Mommy.

Bistro Coron (Day 1 Midnight Snack)

Because we still have money to spare after Kapemos, we decided we could still try out something from Bistro Coron but for takeout. From what I heard, it is Italian owned. We ordered a pizza and ate it in our room back in the lodge since we have a full day ahead of us the next day plus there is no ambiance to experience in the place. Although I have to say that the pizza is really worth it. I could taste the herbs and it was bursting with cheese and pineapple.