Sep 23, 2012

Philippine Unified Multi-Purpose ID

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Last January, I went to SSS Tagaytay office to replace my SSS ID for surname change due to marriage.  I knew what I was going into when I applied for this -- a loooong wait! So I actually did not put my expectations that high since base on my research, SSS has a major back log in producing the IDs and sending it out to the members.

Married Name
So it was just a delight that when I visited my in-laws place yesterday that I received a letter from SSS. Yay! Despite the not-so-flattering picture, I am happy that at least they were able to send it within the same year (7 months process). Also instead of the old blue-colored ID, I now own the new yellow-colored Philippine Unified Multi-Purpose ID which can be used in SSS for private sector/GSIS for government sector, PAGIBIG and Philhealth transactions.

Unified Multi-Purpose ID Back

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