Jan 30, 2012

Philippine Govt Office II: SSS ID

Replacement of SSS ID for Surname Change due to Marriage
Location: SSS Tagaytay Branch
Processing Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 nn
Fee: Php 300.00
Requirements: 2 Valid ID (In my case, my recently acquired Postal ID  and NSO Marriage Certificate)
Forms: E-6 for data capturing and R-6 for ID replacement payment
            E-4 if you have not submitted your Data Amendment
Perks: For claiming benefits and applying for loans especially salary. It is accepted as a valid ID in virtually all offices with the likes banks and service providers - phone, broadband, cable.

Right after I got married, I submitted my E4 Member's Data Amendment Form with my last employer to have the updates processed but I never got around into changing my ID Card. This made the processing to the banks harder because they will still follow my maiden name despite presenting marriage certificate.

In SM Bacoor, I waited for a bus going to Tagaytay. This SSS Branch is a bit farther from our house but when I read a recent post in a blog with good feedback in this branch. I decided it is worth the 1.5 hr trip. I'd rather have a long drive than waiting in line. This is where I started feeling I was in  a field trip, being in a bus, looking out the window, seeing the greenery outside. Ang saya! Thank you, Lord for this moment. I boarded off the bus at Olivarez (yung rotonda where you can find KFC, Jollibee, Chowking and Mang Inasal). In Mang Inasal side, I walked turning to the left (the way going to Palace in The Sky) passing by vendors selling plants at the side of the road.

There were a lot of people in the SSS Office, but the guards are very accommodating. Just don't be imitated with their loud voice, as they were doing this because there were a lot of people around the office. In the Forms table, I got a copy of E6 & R6 then proceeded to the Cashier in the 2nd floor. When I returned to the 1st floor, I gave the guard my form and he handed it to the Records Table for checking. Sad part for me is that they took away my current SSS ID Card since it is for replacement, good thing I was able to scan it at home. It was almost lunch time so they were coordinating how many more records they could finish by 12 nn. After my records have been verified, I went straight ahead to the data capturing booth for my fingerprints, digital signature and picture taking (you can smile but no teeth showing). Done, yehey! Still praying that in some sort of miracle to get my ID Card by mail not too far from now.

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