Sep 10, 2012

Terra 28th at Bonifacio Global City

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During my health hiatus last July to August, I saw 5 doctors from different specialty. All of them said 2 magic words even if we were still waiting on the results of my medical laboratory test. Those magic words are "LIFESTYLE CHANGE". It is bidding away from old bad habits of unhealthly food choices, sugar addiction and sedimentary lifestyle. So the choice had to be made! A 30-minute physical activity is enough to jumpstart this new life and enough to help improve my wellness. So last weekend, I dragged my hubby to a morning jog at Bonifacio Global City (BGC The Fort Taguig). We parked our car at Bonifacio High Street and walked towards Terra 28th park. According to this article:
Terra 28th is an 8,344-sqm park in 28th street which has picnic ground, open play fields, a dog park, a jogging path, interactive art installations, and a ‘Larong Pinoy’ area where families can revive old Pinoy games such as Piko, Holen, Patintero, Luksong Baka, and Habulang Taya.

The weather was perfect to our first day of jogging. The park frees you from worrying about the cars passing by or waiting for the signal lights to turn green before crossing the streets and lets you focus on your pacing... a pure bliss of jog on a weekend morning. It was totally a bonding time for us as well!

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