Sep 28, 2012

Banapple at Market Market

It was a few months ago when we saw a tarpaulin covering an area between Breadtalk and Seattle's Best in Market Market that says "Banapple" coming soon...

Hubby and I looked forward to the day it will open. We first got introduce to Banapple pies through the seminars we attend to at our church, Victory Fort and we love it! Although my office is nearby their Ayala Triangle branch, I never got to dine there because of the long lines.

So imagine my excitement when Market Market confirmed through Twitter that they are finally opening, Sep 28 Friday. Yay!!! I am on the 2-11pm shift so I planned to have lunch there before going to work. So without further adieu... welcome to our new neighbor, BANAPPLE!

Located near the drop off area

I call this the 'Pink Room'

Interior of Banapple Kitchen (Market Market)
Lasagna with Penne Bread

Inside Banapple, you will also find their lil bro - SandwiCheese that serves you betcha - array of sandwiches.

SandwiCheese Stall
Promise I will be back soon with hubby who replied 'Wow, chalap' when I sent him these photos via our office email para inggitin sya. Hihihi. But I did bring home some Tuna Pie for him to enjoy that night.


**** UPDATE: October 2012 ****

Guess who finally joined me for lunch during his Friday off from work...Yey!

Hubby Jase's first time to dine