Jan 7, 2012

Dressing at 30s

I've been looking up some fashion blogs lately for I have been eyeing to update my wardrobe for this year. Given that I would lose 20 lbs by February, since I am already overweight at 180 lbs with height 5'3'', I need to save up to new clothes. I enjoy going through the colors and edgy look but my fashion palette is gearing towards the more classic look with just striking pieces. I just turned 30 a couple of months ago and being a wifey, budget really goes to conjugal acquisition first just how the Lord intended it be. Hihihi... So you younger bloggers, enjoy it but be ready to be willingly give it up once you have a partner. Anyway, if you have waited and ask God's will for that man -- it will be worth it. Luv you, Beb!

Digging this office looks