Jan 15, 2012

Philhealth ID

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I've been married for a couple of years already, although all my records have been updated with my married name, I am yet to own an Identification Card that bears it. So imagine my excitement that after 30 minutes of falling in line, I got this!

Number & Birthday have been omitted in the above photo

Check it out y'all -- it ain't hypenated!

How was I able to obtain it?

Last Dec 22-28, Philhealth set-up a booth in the Food Court Area of our building mainly to print digitized ID for existing and new members. So I quickly filled up the form and line-up. Easy breezy, got the ID above then back to my workstation in no time. I was also able to obtain IDs for my husband and my dad.

Too bad though that the other night, the news showed that a syndicate stole our company's 114M contribution for past 2 years... waah!

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