Jan 30, 2012

Philippine Govt Office III: NBI Clearance

Getting NBI Clearance - New Biometrics System

Location: Robinson Otis, UN Avenue Manila
Processing Time: 3:00 pm - 4:40 pm
Fee: Php 115.00 for local employment
Requirements: 1 Valid ID (In my case, my trustee Postal ID) 
Perks: Also acceptable as Valid ID to some offices but more of proving to the party you are transacting with that you have no criminal records whatsoever.

There was a bit of confusion when I was researching in how to renew my NBI Clearance since there were a lot of people who blogged about it. But after much patience, I got na what happened and what to do next. So NBI had some problems with their IT provider in July 2011, so after signing up for a new one they had to redo their records. So everyone is treated as first time applicants. Next, the new system seems to working well but there are a lot of issues regarding lining up causing some horrible stories of endless waiting or worse not making it on time for the day's quota in clearance center. Another blog gave note worthy comments that Robinsons Otis in the afternoon is the best way to go.

Like most of you, I'm not familiar with this mall but I do know UN Avenue since I went to college in a school in Pedro Gil plus I attended a few times in a Christian Church in front of the NBI Main in Taft Avenue.

So from Tagaytay-Lawton-Route bus, I got off in Taft-UN Avenue then to a yellow tricycle (Php 10.00) for Robinsons Otis. I asked the lady guard at the mall entrance about NBI, she mentioned it was already cut-off but still pointed me to the 2nd floor. I got there and saw some people in line, I asked the guard at the end of the line and he instructed me to confirm with the NBI Personnel if they will still accept applicants and so I did. They still handed me a form to fill up and a few more people after me.

I lined up at 3:00 pm

Just my assumption though, the center accepts afternoon applicants even if they reach the day's quota as long as they could still process your application before the closing time.
  • Step 1: Fill up the form and pay Php 115.00 for local employment and show 1 valid ID
  • Step 2: Encoding, there is a screen in front of the applicant to make sure correct data is keyed in
  • Step 3: Biometrics (finger print and picture)
  • Step 4: Releasing
I was able to take a seat 40 minutes later

I expected that I have a hit, since I had one from the last time I applied. I was just a bit disappointed that I could get it only after 2-wks... I'll be starting with my new employer by that time.

*** TIPS ***

Prepare the exact amount, this ain't the departments store. They're not very big on change.
Expect long lines so be patient - bring something that will keep you busy while in line.
Bring water and snack if you have to, I was on a partial fasting so I didn't mind not having my lunch or snack when I went around the offices.

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