Dec 30, 2011

Deeping Into A Hot Spring

Today is a holiday, remembering the 115th Death Anniversary of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. We on the other hand booked to R&R Resort Spa to deep into their pool with natural hot water coming from Mt. Makiling which is coincidentally located at Rizal's hometown -- Calamba Laguna but in Pansol to be exact.

Our reservation was for a private room with TV. Paid the 50% deposit via their BPI account a week before and paid the rest of Php 1,600 upon our departure. We were ushered to an air-conditioned room at the 2nd floor named as Mayon 2 located at the end of the property passing through the cabanas. The stairway is a bit steep with plants on the side so be careful if you have small children with you. The interior is very cozy featuring a king-sized firm bed, sky-lit tiled bathtub, round table with a pair of mono block chairs. It has built in closet with hangers (no locks) and the bathroom has 3 white towels, an ample of toilet papers, bath soap, shampoo and conditioner.

I am not really a fan of the green-painted wall. Their website features a white one though which I think is more cool in the eye. They brought in this teenie tiny 14''-ish TV to my disappointment since they have cable antenna. What I do love is the draping overhead, the bathroom shell curtain, and the wood work is just superb.

Each cabanas have mini private pool so we were the only ones using the main pool. Considering it is a hot spring we expected hot water in the pool but it wasn't. It was warm but not hot. I was already wandering if I misread their advertisement if it says 'non-hot spring' pool. But as I swam around the pool I found this pipe filling up the pool with 'some' hot water. So for our morning swim, we stayed in a warm spring pool. But at around 11:30 am, that pipe started gushing out more water this time turning the pool water hot. Unfortunately we already went out of the pool to have our lunch. When I returned during the afternoon for a second deep, true enough it turned to a hot-spring pool. Too bad, we weren't able to enjoy it from the start.

Just being silly before our departure