Jan 28, 2012


Since I began my career on July 2003, I've been with 4 employers. Yesterday, I bid goodbye to the most recent one having to stay there for the last 4 years and 10 months. I was at peace (with my decision to leave) on my last day for I have submitted this decision to the Lord through prayers, seeking His guidance that I may act according to His will.

Anyhow, since my corporate career began I never really had time to rest in between employers, the longest was 1 week so I'm so looking forward to this 14-day break before I start with my next employer. Yey! Super excited nga eh kse I really need to recharge and channel my energy since I've been sickly for over a year now due to my Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS) . As I continue to pray that the Lord will continue to shower His grace upon me as I psyche myself with another chapter in my life, naisip ko sayang pala kse I was also praying to be part of Victory Christian Fellowship-Fort Ten-Day mission in planting a church in another country. Pasok sana with my break kse I'm not sure when I could have paid Vacation Leaves again. Hihihi... but in the end, I know God is in control over my schedule so if it part of His plan for me, it will happen.

Here is a run down of my TO DO's for the next 2 weeks:

  • Get Postal ID bearing my married name
  • Replace my SSS ID to bear my married name
  • Get NBI Clearance
  • Go to the dentist
  • Pass requirements to my new employer
  • Go through the required Pre-employment Medical Exam
  • Renew my soon-to-expire passport with surname change due to marriage 
  • Get BIR TIN Card ID
  • Get Clearance Kit and last pay (woohoo!!!)
  • Exercise: Kinect and afternoon run in Bonifacio Global City Fort to lose a few pounds for overall wellness 
  • Prayer and Fast to detox my body and to seek God's will for this year especially His assignment for me in this new place of work
I'm believing that I will be able to do as planned (Share your plans to the Lord and you will succeed Proverbs 16:3). Also, I'm also looking forward to the experience to be fully dependent to my husband in terms of finances. Hihihi, kse nga wala na kong pay this 31st.