Dec 31, 2013

True Riches Cupcakes in Makati

It was a blessing in disguise that my holiday giveaway from another supplier fell through. I have been missing these cupcakes for a while now so this gave me a reason to message my good friend, Cha Pangilinan of True Riches Cupcakes to place my orders for our family and few friends.

Without batting an eyelash, Cha accepted my orders and we arranged the pick up date. Just a sideline story, Cha and I worked together in the same team in my previous company. Soon after, we became friends and eventually neighbor when she moved in to the same apartment building. Lastly, our connection did not end there as I was privileged to be a witness when she gave her life to Christ on July 2011. With new wisdom from God, she prayed that her hobby from baking cupcakes would eventually lead to a business venture. So being neighbors with her, I got to be part of her taste test group. Whenever she would try out new size and flavors, she would hand some over our window for FREE!!!

However, I had to give up that privilege when we moved from Fort to Alabang. Fast forward to today, I was so happy to revisit the True Riches Cupcakes Facebook Page and check out what is the latest concoction from her kitchen. Was very happy to see that she continues to learn more and more even accepting cake orders.

She was heading to her hometown for the New Year so our meeting was very brief. We literally drove from Alabang to Fort and back via SLEX in 1 hour, hihihi. But it was worth the gas and toll fee, the cupcakes are more delicious now so I am excited to share it with friends.

So touched that True Riches Cupcakes
still used the logo I designed a year ago

Here are some of the flavors you just can't missed out. I love the ones with cream cheese. Please visit their FB Page for the rest of the menus and other offerings.

So if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, 
who will trust you with true riches?

Luke 16:11 NIV