Jan 3, 2014

Dining at Fishing Village in Island Cove Kawit Cavite

It was the last day of 2013 and my side of the family finally met up for some Year Ender "lamierda". Come to think of it, this is the first and last gathering we had for the year. Thank God it finally pushed through.

We arrived at the gates of Island Cove Resort in Kawit, Cavite a few minutes after 12 noon. Tatay and Tito were already there when we arrived and they chose the balsa or kubo that has minimum 3K consumable. Funny thing is that it was actually our first time to dine at the balsa in Fisherman's Village even if we have been at Island Cove many times already.  

 "Balsa" is what you call the native house build over the body of water standing on stilts. It is not uncommon here in our side of town, there are actually 2-3 restaurants here that is setup just like that.

Anyway, we first checked the set menus but with our waiter's suggestion that it would be best to just choose ala carte dishes instead. Especially if we do not eat all of the items included in the set menu.

The kids and their Lolos are already hungry... sorry! But as expected, it takes a while for the food be served so for the meantime they went around to check out the pond area.

Finally when the food started coming in, we were all hungry that we forgot to take pictures. Serving is good for 2-3 people which cost Php 250-350 each. But we agreed that all 7 dishes taste good and worth the wait. Even the kids cleaned out their plate, so that was a good sign. So yes, it was a feast!

After the sumptuous meal, we walked towards the giant chess and took some pictures despite the high noon sun. Hahaha...